What’s in a name? In our case, everything. At Pancake, we serve, yes, pancakes. A new concept brought to the United States by Chef Sandra Cordero who draws inspiration from her Dutch roots using locally sourced, fresh ingredients to serve traditional Dutch pancakes as well as those with a twist. From pancakes living on the sweet side, like “The Pretty Pear”, with wine poached pear, pear wine infused whipped cream with crunchy vanilla almonds, to those of the heartier variety, like “The Ham Sammich”, which has ham and Dutch Gouda cheese with caramelized onions, or “The New Amsterdam” with smoked salmon, egg, and chives crème fraiche. And, for those who don’t know which way to go, we have the “Best of Both Worlds” with bacon, apple and Dutch syrup… You see, for the Dutch, the pancake is more than a breakfast item, it’s a staple of our cuisine. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, sweet or savory, to start the day or end the night, Pancake is the spot to satisfy whatever the appetite craves.